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Dr. Oren - Technological support for the cake industry
To Have The Cake And Eat It Too

Dr. Oren - Technological support for the cake industry

Industrial cake manufacturing is a science by itself, crossing boundaries between microbiology, chemistry and physics.

An industrial cake should have the right texture, shape and volume and should remain soft, humid and without microbial spoilage for several months.

In order to reach the optimum balanced cake, with the right typical texture and shape, which remains soft, humid and mold-free for months, the industrial cake specialist, Dr. Oren Ben-Israel, provides the required support for existing or under establishment industrial cake factories.

Like in human medicine, it is not enough to balance one parameter, regardless the other ones. For example, baking time elongation, in order to eliminate molds, might cause the cakes to be dry and crumbly. Or, addition of high level of flour to the recipe, in order to improve the cake volume and baking stability, leads to hardness and dryness. Therefore, due to the technological complexity, “cake disorders” should be treated by a cake specialist, as like as human health problems, which are being handled by a doctor.


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